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    Christmas Service (የገና ቅዳሴ)
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Health News

Re’ese Adbarat Tserha Aryam Kidist Selassie’s Faith Community Health Program coordinated free flu shot clinic on October 23rd, 2016 to its faith community members. The aim of this flu shot clinic is  based on the following two goals of the Faith Community Health program:

  • Members without access to healthcare will be able to get immunized for the seasonal influenza and pneumococcal and prevent / minimize influenza and pneumonia infections  in the community.

  • FCHP will collaborate with outside organizations to make flu shot accessible to community members.

During this free flu shot clinic, over 30 faith community members received their seasonal influenza immunization to protect themselves and their families from illness caused by the influenza virus and its potential complications. From those who were immunized, five of them received the vaccine for the first time!

The Faith Community Health Program believes that there are misconceptions about the influenza illness and common cold. In the past our community has collaborated with Fairview Health Services to understand these misconceptions. To clearly understand more about influenza illness and the common cold symptoms, please refer to the following comparison table.

We hope to serve our community in various areas of concerns to promote health and wellness of the people we serve. We extend our appreciation to the Fairview Health Services for reaching out to our community and especially those who came out to serve our community! We also thank our volunteer nurses and health professionals who coordinate and implement such valuable services to our community members.

Faith Community Health Program

Re’ese Adbarat Tserha Aryam Kidist Selassie


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