• Christmas Service (የገና ቅዳሴ)
    Christmas Service (የገና ቅዳሴ)
    Christmas Service
    Saturday, January 6 at 6pm
    Divine Liturgy starts at 11pm
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  • Friday and Saturday Gubae
    Friday and Saturday Gubae
    Every Friday and Saturday 6-8pm
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  • Mentoring
    Tserha Aryam Mentoring and Tutoring Program Every Sundays: 11am-12pm


Tserha Aryam Mentoring Program Leaders



Qesis Metsenagnaye Haile

Parish Council Liaison

Absera W/Giorgis

Volunteer Coordinator

Lelna Desta

Community Relations

Abrham Desta

Team Lead


Asset/Resource Manager

Meron Senbeta


Beka Megerssa

PC Representative  

Diress Kebede

Committee Member

Dr. Laelaf Hailemariam


Dr. Elias Ayana



Our Mission is to:

1. support junior high and high school students so that they have strong school engagement and will ultimately be ready for college,
2. facilitate peer-to-peer mentoring for college students, and
3. provide workshops relevant to job placement.

Mentoring Role

1. Provide information to participants so that they can make better choices
2. Empower participants by becoming a good role model
3. Support students with challenging school assignments
4. Arrange on-the-job shadowing experiences, and
5. Recruit mentors and strengthen the program.


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